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earth from an alien's point of view ;)

i remember standing in my parents garden after the chernobyl disaster in 1986. everything looked as it always did but for some reason i couldn't eat the vegetables and fruit we had been planting. instead, we ate canned stuff.
some years later i got to learn about the holocaust, the gulf wars, former jugoslavia falling apart and mass murder in africa.
it seems as if it was only yesterday that i spent evenings in horror in front of the tv. i thought i'd understand when i grew older. turns out i still don't get it. from my point of view, nuclear power is as crazy as drilling for oil in the oceans; i can't believe how people empower themselves to sell the right to pollute the earth and about all those wars: people are being turned into mindless consumers without noticing that, instead of peacefully fighting for a greater good, we slay our fellow human beings for money someone else will be earning. most seem incapable of educating themselves and find it easier to lie to themselves in believing what the media tell us. the god of our time is a colourful piece of paper with no real value - it wouldn't even suffice as toilet paper.

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